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Message From Chairman

Balanced growth by targeting our customers and all our employees to act honestly and fairly basic
principle is that we have come a long way, we are proud to continue manufacturing our rapidly.
Nowadays, the construction sector as the engine of Turkey's economy by undertaking we've built awareness of the structures that contribute to the national economy devoted to our business allows us to hug and keep up to date is our sense of service.
The higher the position where I see as the biggest step-up period tenacity and skill building my professional ambition of all staff to be able to naxos I think that the biggest task.

Because this determination and ambition, which blends with love and respect their individual structures happy family and I believe that the basis for social peace.

This phenomenon without departing from the never-ending enthusiasm for our services will continue.

Şakir İyem


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Our company was found as Agcaoglu İnşaat in 1989 by Şakir İyem, Ömer İyem and civil engineer Dervis Ali Mamat and in 1996 took a giant step forward to corporate identity as Agcaoglu İnşaat Ltd.Şti. We are proud of our successfull projects we finalized during this period.

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